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This is the Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad Podcast with hosts Ryan and Rebekah Frost. The show where we talk about our journey through parenthood.

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Jan 16, 2019

Ryan asks Rebekah, “How do you get through the day when you are very tired? “

Rebekah talks about how sleep deprivation is blowing up her world right now and not in a good way. It’s been going on for a long time since she is nursing our youngest Ari.

Ari grew out of the co-sleeper bed and we live in a one bedroom apartment with two kids who sleep in the room with us. Liam has a toddler bed in the corner, and we set up a pack and play for Ari, but he will not sleep in it. So Rebekah holds the baby all night in bed. She has worked it out so he fits in a good spot, but she ends up sleeping sitting up. She is getting out of that stage and things are getting better.

When Liam was a baby, it was a whole different story. We had a traumatic birth which prevented Rebekah from being able to nurse him. Ryan ended up sharing the feeding responsibilities which formed a special bond with Ryan and Liam. For a long time, he only wanted Ryan to put him to bed at night.

Now since Rebekah is nursing, Ari refuses a bottle and Ryan gets TONS of sleep!

We are beginning to move into a new stage where Ari is able to eat real food! He loves those baby-food-squeeze-packs. This is allowing Ryan to start helping with feeding and Rebekah is able to get out of the house with friends…but not without feeling baby-withdrawals.

Our 3 year old savors his food, which we just realized. We share a story about how he recently got a cake pop from his Grandmother and made it last for 2 days! The other day, he was given a Starbucks card with 5 dollars on it. We let him pick out chocolate milk and pay for it himself….it was the first time he had ever had chocolate milk and it blew his mind. He would only take the tiniest sips to make it last as long as possible. He would tell us, “I need to save it for later”…

We have a feeling that Ari, is going to have the opposite relationship with food and that we may need to guard Liam’s food from him.

Rebekah shares a poop story — Our toddler playing with his poop in the shower!

Newsflash: We have successfully potty trained Liam!! We utilized bribery and hollowed candy. This has changed our lives!!! Sometimes we think things will never change or get better. But then something clicks and we move onto the next stage.