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This is the Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad Podcast with hosts Ryan and Rebekah Frost. The show where we talk about our journey through parenthood.

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Jan 16, 2019

The Chore Chart: a new strategy we are considering since our 3 year old gets a huge sense of accomplishment when he does something by himself.

Ryan shares about his memories of the family chore chart when he was growing up.

***Our 8 month old Ari is awake and with us, squeaking into the microphone.***

We share what Liam loves to clean up including his many different “train tracks”, Ryan puts Rebekah on the spot and has her sing the "In The Bag" clean up song that she uses to inspire Liam to clean. (See Disney's "In The Bag" here)

How do we get things to be less clutter around the house? We get Liam to help us in the cleaning.

Ryan talks about how he built a tower with Liam, who refused to let Ryan knock it down while filming in slow motion. Ryan decided to play “Robot” with Liam, and attempted to karate-chop the tower down, but Liam would take off after Ryan, shouting “No!!! No!!!!” then poke Ryan (like pressing a robot button) which stopped the Robot. Then we’d declare that “Liam Saved The Day!”

Ryan talks about how he is so tired at night and it is hard to play with the kids. He tries to engage with the kids, but gets exhausted after only a few minutes.

Rebekah talks about how exhausting it is to do simple errands during the day because she has to get both kids ready to go out. 

We realized that Liam is confused and very concerned when we tell him we are “pooped”…

We talk about how our energy is not the same as it was in our 20’s…

One solution Ryan has come up with in the evenings is, owning the fact that he is tired and just picking one thing to do with Liam. Including watching some videos with him — not the best advice — but it does allow us to connect.

We discuss how Liam learning to put on his own “jammies” at night could be a game changer, because getting him dressed for bed is an exhausting endeavor.

Thought of the day from Rebekah: Give your kids something to accomplish.

Thought of the day from Ryan: Don’t judge yourself.