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This is the Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad Podcast with hosts Ryan and Rebekah Frost. The show where we talk about our journey through parenthood.

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Jan 21, 2019

Normally Ryan takes our 3-Year-Old Liam out for a walk every night in the stroller on a “Daddy Date”. They run some errands, grab some groceries, then by the time they get home, Liam is asleep. No drama. Zero wrestling.

We recently returned from a trip, where we had been able to get Liam to lay down and go to sleep in a new bed without the stroller ride. Now back in LA, we are seeing if we can transition to this new routine at home! 

At first it did not go over very well. Liam broke down into tears because he wanted to go on the “Daddy-Date”.  The next night, we decided to prep him ahead of time and let him know how the bed time routine was going to go. And it worked! 

Ryan did have to wrestle through several delay tactics— multiple trips to the bathroom. Including one trip where he had a “poop” family which he named after mommy and daddy. Flattering.

Ryan started to get frustrated that Liam would not go to sleep. He would not get off the toilet. Rebekah suggests bribing him off with chocolate…right before bedtime…

Rebekah shares how she let Liam get himself dressed for bed by himself, which gave him ownership of the bedtime process. Win!

We discuss how Rebekah is way more patient than Ryan. As a kid, she used to sit until humming birds would land on her. Ryan tells a story about how they lured squirrels to their back door with nuts. Which was great until one bit his grandmother. Squirrels are not your friend.

*** We have to take a small break due to a crying baby ***

We are still learning how to pivot when we have plans but our kids have needs. Plans vs. Needs….a non-stop issue that we need to adjust to.

There is a culture out there that says our kids are in the way of us having a great life. We are excited to have our kids and we are trying to figure out how to do life with them. 

Sometimes we have grownup things we need to take care of.  Ryan could work from home, but does not, because it would be more difficult for Liam who would not understand why dad can’t pay attention to him.

Rebekah is launching a new company called “Your Generous Home” ( This would potentially allow for our family to spend more time together. 

Rebekah and Ryan are both type B personalities, so it is easy to want kick back and relax and let things happen. We have to choose to be intentional and give our children the attention they deserve. We have to be intentional as parents with our time. Sometimes that means we do things along side our kids, sometimes that means we do it on our own. That could mean finding space outside of home, or even staying up late. 

We are young in our marriage with young kids (we’ve been married almost 6 years) and we are still learning what is important to us. Ryan talks about how “Freedom” is important to him. He values the ability to choose what to do with his time. It’s not where we are, but what we are working toward.  We are still learning how to re-adjust and be flexible. 

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