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This is the Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad Podcast with hosts Ryan and Rebekah Frost. The show where we talk about our journey through parenthood.

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Feb 4, 2019

We are potty trained! Ryan tries to pull off a terrible dad joke. Boooo…..

Unintended consequences of potty training: using public bathrooms. —using the toilet is great at home.. its our bathroom. its our toilet. Public Bathroom: Not so much. We went to IKEA today and Liam had to go 4 times. Ryan shares his harrowing experiences taking Liam into the bathroom which involves a lot of shouting “Don’t touch that…DONT TOUCH THAT!!!!”

When a toddler tells you “I have to go potty” they have to go potty, RIGHT NOW. Ryan talks about dealing with disgusting toilet seats in the public bathroom. Which ended up with Ryan cleaning the toilet seat off with his bare hands….yep. It’s tempting to just have Liam put on a pull-up…but we don’t. That would be traumatic. 

Liam hates the hand driers. Bekah talks about how they recycle “Poo-particles” into the air. Disgusting. 

Work Vs. Homelife:

We are still in the early phases of parenthood. Figuring out the balance of family vs. work can be a challenge. We need to figure out how to be intentional with everything. 

Ryan feels the limitation of hours in the day. Ryan talks about why he does not work from home even though he can. It’s important for him to separate home life from work life. 

The frustrating thing is that Ryan ’s best hours are spent on work, and he feels like the kids and family get second best. It’s tough, and we do not know necissarily how to change it.

Ryan asks Rebekah how it affects her. 

Rebekah talks about how she spends the majority of her time serving the needs of her family. She does not have the “perceived” freedom that some might think.

Bekah talks about how she has been seeking out valuable input.  Trying to figure out how to make the parenting experience meaningful, and “not just getting through it”.  This is her life’s work.

Rebekah is starting a new venture: Your Generous Home [LINK]

The most difficult part of Ryan not being around during the day: Not having someone on her level around to talk to (she is with kids all day). 

So Rebekah has been finding different women on instagram (bloggers) who are putting out solid, positive empowering advice. The big things she is coming across is “simplifying your life, so you can be more intentional with your motherhood. And How do you integrate your work life and your family life as a mother

Phylicia Masonheimer
Instagram: @phyliciamasonheimer

Phylicia is a very well put together woman who is doing a lot of things with 2 toddlers. She credits her success to a lifelong fascination with productivity.

Ryan and Rebekah talk about how “working” happens at the office and at home. Work has developed a negative connotation. Traditionally work is trading time for money. But work is ultimately something you can find meaning from. 

Rebekah talks about how “achievement” kind of work that we are compensated for that we value over home-life or we feel like victims of the system — which we are not. Ultimately we have to make choices on what we are going to focus on. 

Ryan talks about how It’s important to make choices about what is important and what you will spend your time on.  Does your job allow you to be available to your family? It’s a conversation we are constantly having and wrestling with. It’s a real struggle. 

Bekah is working out processes in her life to make home-life more successful. 

One great resources is Allie Casazza 

Allie Casazza
Instagram: @allie_thatsme

Minimalism saved Allie’s motherhood. When you let go of the things you don’t need, it gives you more time for your family. 

LINK: How Getting Rid of My Stuff Saved My Motherhood by Allie Casazza 

Rebekah talks about a study that Allie brought up that gets into the science of clutter in the house raising the stress levels of women. Ryan talks about how clutter shuts him down and makes him less present with the kids.

There is a movement of “New Homemakers” helping women redefine homemaking in positive ways. 

Add your comments and tell us your stories and feedback!! How do you balance work vs. home-life? Any crazy pubic bathroom stories -- please share!! We might even add it to the show (with your permission of course!)

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